A MacBook Air with USB Type C connector returns to the fore


The truth is that this rumor is not new and sure that many of you already heard or read all this before, but again rumors appear about the possible launch of a MacBook Air with USB port type C. Not a month ago that the Japanese medium Mac Otakara warned of the possible arrival of these MacBook Air with this port based on the Thunderbolt 3 for this month of August thanks to the report of some suppliers of these ports, but all this remained in nothing and now DigiTimes di Ce that Otakara was right but had a mistake in the times, ie that August would not be the right date.
Of course the implantation of these USB C ports both on computers with the first Apple MacBook as reference, to some more current smartphones, is becoming the standard. Now the only thing that would change this rumor in the MacBook Air is the date that Apple would give the pass, which goes from this summer to a date that we have also seen announced by another analyst who is always involved in rumors KGI with Ming-Chu Kuo in front , being late this year when we look at these MacBook Air and its USB C port along with several more MAC models: two 13-inch and one 15-inch thinner and lighter than the current ones.

This news or rumor comes from the website DigiTimes and we all have clear that they do not always succeed in this site, also often throw numerous rumors which can be from reliable sources or not. Sometimes they look at the production lines of the products and at other times they are suppliers, but in any case the rumor about a launch of this MacBook Air with USB Port C is not new in the Apple world. Another thing is what you can think each and if you end up seeing or not.