Apple discontinues 11-inch MacBook Air and old MacBook Pro without Retina display


This is a secret to voices and in the end it is finished making reality. If you browse a bit on the Apple website you will notice that there has been the silent output of two Mac models forever. Apple no longer sells the 11-inch MacBook Air and makes it disappear, once and for all the only MacBook that still had rotary disk and internal DVD drive, the MacBook Pro with no 13-inch Retina display.

Now we have the MacBook of 12 inches and MacBook Air is only available for sale the 13-inch that seen what is seen will be relegated to disappear in a few years as has happened with the MacBook Pro 13 without screen retina.Long time ago we were wondering when Apple was going to get rid of the old MacBook Pro model without a retina display and with internal DVD drive that still had for sale in their stores. Today, without saying anything, we can already see on the Apple website that that laptop has disappeared as well as the small of the Air, the 11-inch. In this way the MacBook Air of 13 inches becomes the smaller range and happens to have the price of the MacBook of 11 inches.
It was clear that this was going to arrive today and it is not very logical the confluence, for a long time, of the 12-inch MacBooks and the MacBook Air of 11 and is that the first are those that Apple wants to give importance right now with the new MacBook Pro. In summary we can say that the laptops that are currently available on the Apple website are: